July 7th, 2022


Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report

Argus Hamilton

By Argus Hamilton

Published March 31, 2022

Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report
Grammy Awards officials banned Kanye West from attending Sunday night's Grammy Awards in Las Vegas to try to keep the evening calm and non-political. The older music stars still feel a need to make social statements along with their music. Neil Young just took all his music off Will Smith's phone.

Will Smith was shown laughing at Chris Rock's joke about his wife's short hair, then he went up on stage and slapped him, then teared up and apologized accepting the Oscar, then went dancing Oscar in hand. Will Smith isn't stable. I think it was foolish for Biden to say he should be removed from power.

Chris Rock's ticket sales soared for his comedy club performances Monday after he kept his cool following the Oscars slapping incident. This story is far from over. Will Smith got a phone call from President Zelinsky Monday telling Smith that Vladimir Putin just told a joke calling his wife a skinhead.

Jim Carrey slammed the crowd at the Oscars for being spineless for giving Will Smith a standing ovation when he won for Best Actor just minutes after he assaulted Chris Rock. However I don't agree with those calling for Will to return his Oscar. I felt that the apology from his publicist was sincere.

The Academy Awards Committee met Wednesday to decide whether to allow Will Smith to escape punishment for slapping Chris Rock or to take away his Best Acting Award. He looked so happy at the podium cradling the Oscar in his arms. Everyone agreed it looked just like a miniature statue of his wife.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Will Smith slapping Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars resulted in tremendous chatter on social media and cable news. CNN must be looking everywhere for white racism in the incident, allow me to help. You notice that no comic ever makes fun of Alec Baldwin's wife.

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California's task force on reparations for blacks is debating which blacks will be eligible, slave descendants or all blacks. It's a tricky call. Slavery ended in 1865, when a Civil War decided once for all the great moral question of whether America's farm work shall be done by slaves or illegal aliens.

The Pentagon acknowledged that U.S. troops are in Poland training Ukrainian troops how to use NATO hardware in battle. The training is very important. The shoulder-fired missile launchers are German-crafted, which means you could shoot down the Space Station if you miss hitting the helicopter.

President Biden sparred with reporters Monday after a new poll showed only twenty-eight percent of American trust his leadership in the faceoff with Russia. Biden assured Americans we have no reason to fear a nuclear war erupting. Translated, that means we should all be scared out of our minds.

Ukrainian forces fired a missile into Russia Tuesday which blew up a Russian ammunition depot in a spectacular night explosion and blaze. The Russian army unexpectedly began withdrawing from Kiev Tuesday. It's an old trick of theirs to get you to pursue them to Moscow and wait for winter to set in.

Congress hauled in U.S. oil company executives to testify before the Energy Committee Tuesday to explain the astronomically high price of gasoline in the past month. Don't even ask how much gas costs in Southern California. I'll give you a hint, every time I fill up my new Cadillac, it doubles in value.