July 7th, 2022


Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report

Argus Hamilton

By Argus Hamilton

Published March 15, 2022

Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report
National Public Radio aired a story defending people who feel compelled to keep wearing masks post-pandemic to display societal resolve or government support. The pandemic may be over, but the virtue signaling goes on. I still wear my mask to protect pregnant men in Ukraine from climate change.

California Secretary of State Shirley Weber said that slavery reparations from the state should be limited to descendants of slaves in the United States, and not for African Americans who have more recently arrived. I now completely believe in reparations. If you voted for Biden, you owe me gas money.

Politico reports that the Clinton Foundation's fundraising machine sprang back into action last week trying to raise more millions for Ukrainian refugees. Hillary was last seen pounding her fist on her kitchen table in understandable fury and anguish. This was supposed to be HER war with Russia.

Kamala Harris mistakenly announced in Poland Sunday the U.S. stands with Ukraine in support of NATO. Ukraine is not in NATO, so we're not required to fight the Russians. The White House sent Kamala Harris to Eastern Europe to prevent World War III so I'm pretty sure we're all going to die.

Russian fighter-bomber jets attacked a Ukraine Army base just ten miles from the Polish border Sunday, expanding the war perilously closer to the NATO red-line. Doomsayers are claiming this is the start of World War III. What scares me most that that the billionaires are all building escape rockets.

Dr. Fauci returned to the cable news talk shows Sunday to give his medical assessment of the latest viral threat and its symptoms. He said sweating over the pump while filling up and getting sick over high gas prices are the symptoms of the latest pandemic to sweep the world. It's called Car Owner Virus.

President Biden said higher gas prices are caused by Putin's war and not green energy policy. If gas prices in L.A. get any higher, it may be worth it to fly to Ukraine and defeat the Russians myself. Putin countered with his own statement Sunday saying yes, he is evil, but higher gas prices are on Biden.

President Biden enjoyed fifty percent approval for his handling of the war from the American people while Putin received sixty percent approval from the Russian people. It shows how state run media is able to control the narrative by supervising what people say and think. And it's the exact same in Russia.

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Vladimir Putin got sixty percent approval from Russians for invading Ukraine Friday while the Western media has lionized President Zelensky. Last week, Putin and Zelensky began calling each other Nazis. What started as a simple war has escalated dangerously into a disagreement on Facebook.

The Red Cross began a U.S. donation drive for war victims Friday that raised millions in relief for the Ukrainians. Our country's reputation precedes us. When Detroit offered the Ukrainian refugees accommodations Sunday, the Ukrainians decided to turn around and go back to their demolished houses.

The Russian Army armored convoy that had stalled outside Kiev fanned out into three battalions Thursday to encircle Ukraine's capital. Russian tanks appear set to roll into town. Republican say a no-fly zone would expose the Russian tanks to attack and Democrats say those tanks should be electric.

The Wall Street Journal reminded readers Sunday that Ukraine isn't the only geo-political flash point this week. India's military accidentally fired a missile into neighboring Pakistan Friday. It resulted in nine dead and the complete destruction of the Nissan Micra they were traveling in at the time.