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Consumer Reports


The risk of your tax-return sale
IRS plan would allow sale of tax information to marketers
Psssst ... wanna buy a wedding dress?
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Price of rebates includes irritation
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Big 3 credit-reporting agencies benefit from your snap decisions
Finding a better car may just be a matter of asking the right questions
Installment insurance may be more costly than you think
Free credit report has only one true source
Letter rip
Anti-spyware group issues guidelines on what it is
Reading privacy agreements can save hassles, win money
Airline vouchers may come with an asterisk
Consumers caught in middle of adware debate
Different prices on the same Web site just a cookie away
Top-rated sites for medical info
Not all warrant the extending
A swatch looked great; sofa didn't
A welcome shift in a credit trap
Too many privy to private data
Arguments on future of fast Internet
A fairer deal from gift cards
Lens regulation unclear to some
The smarter way to a quick refund
A refund takes 2 orbits of sun
Trojan horse in an envelope
When one year is not one year
Debit cards have hidden pitfalls
Penetrating a wall of customer service
Taken for a ride over an old ticket
Check your balances: New rules reduce 'float'
Just as worthless as... a cashier's check
I write dead people: Glut of mystery junk mail
It's up to you to keep credit bureaus honest
It's up to you to keep credit bureaus honest
No simple solutions to the techno-nuisance of fax blasts

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