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Jewish World Review Feb. 27, 2004 /5 Adar, 5764

Argus Hamilton

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And now for the
important news .... | The Howard Stern Show was taken off the air Thursday for violating Clear Channel Radio's new decency policy. Company officials declared that Wednesday's show was vulgar and offensive and insulting. Anything else would be a breach of contract.

George Foreman reached agreement with Don King Tuesday to fight again at age fifty-five. The heavyweight is looking for an older guy to fight that everybody hates. Alan Greenspan really picked the wrong week to suggest Social Security cuts.

Alan Greenspan caused shock waves Wednesday by proposing cuts in Social Security benefits for Baby Boomers. The biggest problem of all could be prescription drug coverage. Wait until Baby Boomers find out that cocaine dealers don't take Medicare.

John Kerry railed against the outsourcing of American jobs Wednesday. He wants laid-off employees to get three months' notice. It's only right that workers have the time to get a visa, fly to India, and catch their job before it hits the ground.

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