July 7th, 2022


Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report

Argus Hamilton

By Argus Hamilton

Published Feb. 8, 2022

Argus Hamilton's Rogue Report
Joe Rogan explained he said the N-word several times in an old podcast as he was quoting the humor of Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney and Dick Gregory. It was the Seventies. President Nixon was taped saying the N-word in the Oval Office so often he is now celebrated as the Father of Rap Music.

The Opening Night Olympics Ceremony in Beijing was highlighted by the traditional Parade of Nations of the participating athletes. Quite touchingly, they had tens of thousands of Chinese children featured in the Opening Night ceremony. It was like they'd closed the Apple factory for a day.

WalMart announced they will expand their home delivery service, which can bring store items to forty million homebound customers. For their walk-in customers, WalMart is opening dental offices in some of their stores. They will even have an Express Lane for people will twelve teeth or less.

Queen Elizabeth will be honored this week in England and the entire English-speaking world on the occasion of Her Majesty's seventieth anniversary on the throne. It's not easy heading the Royal Family. Last week she stripped Andrew of all his titles and sent him to his castle without dinner.

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CNN boss Jeff Zucker resigned saying he didn't notify CNN of a secret adulterous love affair he was having at work. During his tenure, CNN viewer ratings fell ninety percent. It turns out that Jeff Zucker was able to keep his love affair with a CNN colleague a secret by conducting it on the air.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignited a firestorm when she addressed the cameras Friday and ordered the U.S. Olympic athletes in China to just be quiet and not to question the government. However it was an honest mix-up in her speech notes to the athletes. That was her welcome home to America speech.

President Biden backed away from his campaign pledge and his Build Back Better bill's goal of forgiving student loan debt, following a public outcry against Joe doing this. It was a nice try, Millennials. Generally speaking, you can't go wrong borrowing money from people with Alzheimer's.

The U.S. military strike on the ISIS leader confirms that the world's three most dangerous jobs today are Alec Baldwin's camera man, Whoopi Goldberg's publicist and the next leader of ISIS. President Biden called ISIS the network of death. Apparently he's never heard of Kaiser Permanente.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid low in Covid quarantine as angry truckers staged a massive rolling protest in Ottawa against vaccination mandates for truckers. Justin means well. Trudeau is demanding that truckers get vaccinated like he did, so they don't catch Covid like he did.

Michael Avenatti got twenty years in jail after stealing three hundred grand from porn actress and Trump accuser client Stormy Daniels. He embezzled the money from an eight hundred grand award he won for her in a legal case. It's further proof of the perils of trying to screw Stormy Daniels.

Fox News reports Neil Young ironically performed in the Freedom of Speech and Expression tour of the U.S. fifteen years ago, and now he's trying to silence a comedian. As a Baby Boomer I am naturally a big Neil Young fan. So which numbers do I punch on my land line to cancel Spotify?