August 7th, 2022


Boycott the Oscars? Why Not Boycott Hollywood?

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published Feb. 28, 2018

 Boycott the Oscars? Why Not Boycott Hollywood?
Robert DeNiro, Hollyweird has-been, turned lib political activist.

Actor Robert DeNiro has proven that Truman Capote was dead-on when he said that the better the actor, the dumber they are. And DeNiro is a very good dumb actor.

Like so many of his colleagues, he has gone off the deep end with his hatred of President Donald Trump; continually bashing him with obscene language without noticing that his own box office appeal is sinking.

It is very disconcerting to me, a former film buff to read past favorites indulge in hateful, spiteful and idiotic language that reveals the depth of their ignorance on politics. The biggest clue to their ignorance is that they actually supported Hillary Clinton, the worst candidate in ages, who had so much baggage she needed Pullman porters for security.

The Oscars telecast will be next week, on March 4th, and will be hosted by nighttime host Jimmy Kimmel. He has demonstrated for the past few months that he can be extremely tearful about issues he hasn't bothered to research. He has been urged by the producers to tone down the politics but the star studded audience is filled with like-minded liberals, so it may be hard for him to avoid playing to them instead of the waning viewers.

I remember when the Oscars were something to look forward to. A good show would have many clips from the nominated films and good comedic jabs from great hosts like Bob Hope and Johnny Carson. Beautiful and handsome stars would fill the stages and one came away from watching the show with an urge to see the movie winners.

That was then when we used to enjoy Oscar night parties with contests guessing the most winners. I haven't watched the show in years once I realized that the awards depended on marketing and bribery rather than genuine talent. "Shakespeare in Love' won over "Saving Private Ryan'. Gee how did that happen? Oh wait, Harvey Weinstein produced that and voila Gwyneth Paltrow won the best actress Oscar and still defends Weinstein.

Then the following year, that soft porn feature celebrating underage sexual activity, "American Beauty" won over the original and superior "Sixth Sense" and "The Green Mile." Julia Roberts won her Oscar wearing push up bars and beat an incomparable performance by Ellen Burstyn but I stopped watching after that debacle.

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency has driven Hollywood insane and there are only a handful of artists that have the intelligence to keep their opinions to themselves. I must paraphrase Laura Ingraham's advice-"Shut up and Sing, Act, Host, Play Sports and whatever." I really haven't read anything by an actress that wasn't inane. In fact, every woman should be ashamed of their sex being represent by total loons. The idea of wearing pussy cat and vagina hats to make a political point is so absurd yet watching the huge crowds at women's marches with celebrities like Ashley Judd, Madonna, it's a wonder women ever got the vote.

Thank G od we used to be sane when woman like Susan B. Anthony were at the forefront of the battle for our right to vote.

I used to think that colleges were the ones producing the millennial idiots but the garbage coming out of Hollywood is doing a bang up job creating the 21st century idiocracy.

Let's face it- Hollywood hypocrisy is overwhelming, especially since all the mini minded celebs are bloviating about the Florida school massacre demanding gun control while churning out endless violent films featuring weapons of mass destruction. Here are some words of wisdom (?) from the Hollywood elite:

Michael Moore The NRA is a terrorist organization. The media should speak of the NRA in the same way they do ISIS.

Spider man star Andrew Garfield: "The horrific response from a lot of people I guess in the pocket of the NRA or even just conservatives, generally, who are so, so protective over this idea of what the Second Amendment is that they are willing to sacrifice children at the altar of their freedom to buy a submachine gun."

Amy Poehler asked a friend: "Can you tweet the NRA for me and tell them I said f**k off?"

Megan Boone who portrays FBI agent Liz on NBC's Blacklist pontificates: Liz Keen will never carry an assault rifle again and I am deeply sorry for participating in glorifying them in the past.

These intellectually challenged celebrities have forgotten or perhaps never learned about that former NRA instructor, Stephen Willeford, who stopped a killer in Sutherland Springs, Texas with an AR-15 gun a few months ago. No NRA member has ever been responsible for a mass killing, in fact, most of the murderers have been registered Democrats or Independents with no conservative political leanings although the media does try to label them as such. This boycott NRA campaign fostered by Hollywood will backfire as sensible Americans swoop in to support this necessary organization. I've already joined and I don't even own a gun.

On the new Mark Levin program on Fox, guest Walter E. Williams said it best- reminding us that years ago one could buy a rifle at Sears as a gift for a 12 year old. Guns have been around for decades. What has changed over the years is our morality not the inanimate weapons. Has taking G od out of school led to the Columbine and other school massacres? That's a possibility but Hollywood is still churning out amoral and just plan evil products to warp the minds of the young. Have you noticed the rise of Satanism and the occult in the movies and TV? The only hot button issues that celebrities pounce upon are race, sexual identity and gun control.

Instead of mandating faux science films like Inconvenient Truth to be part of the public school curriculum, I suggest worthy films like the superb Hidden Figures would be much better fare in the inner city schools.

Instead of just boycotting the Oscars, perhaps we should just stop filling the coffers of the degenerative productions and support the few worthy and decent efforts by the conservatives still working in Hollywood. Many of them like James Woods have been blacklisted but he uses Twitter like Trump to get his common sense statements read. Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, Gary Sinise, deserve all the support we can give but you will notice I'm not able to add the name of well known actresses but hope springs forever that some will ‘woke' and leave their silly marches and hats behind.