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Jack Kelly Archives

02/29/08: NYT grasping at straw thinks they're darts; Buckley v. Cunningham
02/27/08: Waiting for Hillary
02/26/08: There is a difference between being ruthless in politics, and being good at it
02/25/08: Advice for Obama: Stay away from matters of substance
02/15/08: Poor Hillary
02/12/08: Pelosi still needs a reality-check on Iraq
01/29/08: Hillary for president!
01/22/08: Pity the political reporters?
01/15/08: (Sen.) John Come Lately
01/14/08: The least worst candidate
01/02/08: Pols' milking Bhutto assassination went sour
12/31/07: Do we deserve our military?
12/26/07: Bush has destroyed America's respect and support of our traditional allies?
12/24/07: The Huckaboom may turn out to be the best thing that's ever happened to Romney
12/11/07: A very big if
12/04/07: Only the self-deluded can continue to deny what's happening
11/27/07: If you want to lose a war, who better to deliver that message than a loser?
11/20/07: It's true: Iraq is a quagmire — But the real story is not something you have heard
11/14/07: Striking America's most vulnerable
11/13/07: Here's a tip for the Dems: Most normal people don't pay much attention to politics a year before the election
11/06/07: Though Hillary has a solid base of support, there is a ceiling on it
10/31/07: GOP sweep in the offing?
10/23/07: Politicization of science, and the prostitution of journalism
10/22/07: Nostalgia for the bad old days
10/16/07: What that outspoken LtGen. actually said
10/09/07: Reconsider Benedict Arnold and Charles Lee?
10/09/07: On a roll in Iraq: The U.S. and its Sunni allies are dismantling al-Qaida
09/25/07: Can Newt save the Republic — and the Republicans?
09/24/07: Syria's move: Assad is under competing pressures to either attack Israel or make peace
09/18/07: al Qaida has lost
09/11/07: Does Osama's latest rant sound familiar?
09/04/07: GOP scandals get more press
08/29/07: America first?
08/20/07: NASA-affiliated institute cools off global warming debate
08/14/07: If there were fewer primaries, there'd be more interest in each of them
08/09/07: The New Republic needs to reconsider editor's duties
08/02/07: Neo-Copperheads find truth is too hard to handle
07/27/07: For outed private, it would have been smarter to be branded a liar
07/23/07: Iraq dire, not deteriorating
07/06/07: Bi-partisan strangling of policy that finally makes sense
06/29/07: Bi-partisan strangling of policy that finally makes sense
06/25/07: Big battle, small news
06/18/07: Will the fools ever learn?
06/15/07: The coming revolution? Leaders in both parties have been blase about failure because failure has had few consequences for them
06/11/07: In search of the GOP un-Bush
06/05/07: There are indeed two Americas — and two types of Americans
06/04/07: Bush betraying base
05/30/07: Hated for wrong ‘reason’
05/21/07: Order on our borders: GOPers blocked immigration reform, leaving Dems to fashion a sensible compromise
05/15/07: Why this pro-lifer will likely be voting for Rudy
05/14/07: Jefferson, Rushdie and the Fort Dix Six
05/09/07: Sarkozy was likely elected more in spite of his pro-American sentiments than because of them
05/02/07: Too bad the born again dove trying his darndest to rehabilitate his reputation can't answer some basic questions
04/30/07: Plugging their ears: Dems don't want to hear anything that might alter their views on Iraq
04/24/07: Phony showdown with Prez in offing
04/19/07: There is a difference between feeling safer and being safer
04/17/07: A lesson President Bush never seems to learn is that policy is personnel
04/16/07: The road to victimhood
04/12/07: Why is the West making excuses for inexcusable Iranian behavior?
04/11/07: Getting past ‘Me, Myself and I’
04/02/07: No wonder Sen. McCain is frustrated
04/02/07: Gore's hot air turning green?
03/27/07: What would Lord Nelson do?
03/26/07: The lessons of “300”
03/23/07: The more you know, the less you believe
03/19/07: Hypocrisy is winning, or, Why conservatives are waiting for an end to the Bush administration
03/13/07: Over-educated public servants
03/07/07: Sabotaging the war effort?
03/06/07: Sacrifices are something others make
02/27/07: Sacrifices are something others make
02/26/07: A “slow bleed” strategy to stop the surge probably would backfire on the Dems
02/20/07: Only if everything we now know to be false were true
02/14/07: Truth, not “consensus”, will prevent future 9/11s
02/12/07: The politically ambitious among the privileged should have to serve before they could “serve”
02/09/07: Do something the scaremeisters don't want you to: Think
02/06/07: We must immediately fix the “radar of policy”
02/02/07: Message to UN scaremeisters: The planet is always getting either warmer or cooler
01/23/07: Troop surge, though barely begun, already is producing beneficial results
01/19/07: Bumbling against terror, con't
01/16/07: Nifong-ing Scooter?
01/15/07: We definitely can still win in Iraq if we stop repeating the mistakes
01/09/07: When generals speak, prez should listen — sometimes
01/03/07: Emulate Ethiopia's success — kill the enemy
01/02/07: Bumbling against terror: The FBI's record doesn't inspire confidence that we're being well protected
12/27/06: Impending economic catastrophe that could trigger Middle East war
12/22/06: More troops — but to Iraq?
12/19/06: Where the Prez can get sound advice on Iraq
12/18/06: Good riddance! Kofi Annan's U.N. has produced more scandal than peace
12/14/06: What Sun Tzu could teach ‘realists’ about the Iraq war
12/12/06: Terrorists posing as journalists?
12/11/06: Just short of a joke
12/05/06: Bolton bolting result of partisan pique; America's deprived of able public servant at critical time
11/28/06: Ever think that bright young people today enlist in the Armed Forces to protect their homes, their families, our freedoms?
11/27/06: Beware Iraq's neighbors
11/21/06: Why Democratic control of Congress could be a step toward victory in Iraq
11/20/06: GOPers should stick to principles, lose the gloom
11/14/06: Are the Dems already aiming for a boot in the jack-ass?
11/13/06: Staying the course is not attractive if you think the ship of state is headed for the rocks
11/07/06: Will voters take revenge on the media?
11/06/06: Wheat vs. chaff: Throw the bums out
11/02/06: I knew James Webb — What goes around comes around
10/30/06: When will the president do what it takes to clean up the militias and win in Iraq?
10/24/06: Which will go first, the current Iraqi government, or all hope of victory in Iraq?
10/18/06: Why is North Korea America's headache?
10/16/06: Dems blew it on North Korea: Now they should join GOPers to force changes in the country's behavior
10/10/06: North Korea's nuclear test? Yawn
10/09/06: I'm in a state of skepticism: There's reason to question Bob Woodward's reporting techniquesou cannot trust them with your money either
10/03/06: Removing Iraq's training wheels
09/28/06: Lack of intelligence in those who cover it
09/26/06: Outrageous, but true: Intelligence community using secret intelligence for partisan political purposes
09/25/06: Who are the ones suppressing the facts on Iraq?
09/20/06: When the ‘American Hiroshima’ comes as promised, our senators won't be guiltless
09/15/06: America is forced to pick sides and Bush's popularity rises
09/12/06: An anti-war book even supporters should read
09/06/06: Santorum shows his mettle for nation to see
08/29/06: Journos who tell the truth — for the right price
08/28/06: A law unto herself
08/18/06: Though always unpleasant, defeats can be useful
08/15/06: This war has been suspended, not ended
08/14/06: The friends of Ned Lamont: Zealous Dems relish a return to the leftie '60s
08/08/06: When Western media act as terrorist propagandists
08/07/06: Helping Hezbollah win
07/31/06: Submission to tyranny is worse than war, and tyrants tend not to bargain in good faith for part of what they want if they think they can get it all by force
07/25/06: Clues about coming Arabian apocalypse?
07/24/06: No peace from the U.N.: Israel must take its own steps to defang the terrorists
07/18/06: Let's hope the Israeli-Hezbollah war intensifies
07/17/06: High noon approaches for the moonbats
07/12/06: About that high profile doubting GOPer
07/11/06: West is giving Kim what he craves
07/06/06: Saddam's secrets — and ours
06/28/06: Our policy of going only after the leakers (and fitfully at that) obviously hasn't worked
06/23/06: Black-eyed Dan and the media's race for truth
06/21/06: Give Murtha a louder mic — please!
06/20/06: Moonbats as kingmakers
06/19/06: The clearing of Karl Rove confounds libs
06/13/06: Finally a must-read about Iraq war
06/09/06: Dagnabit, we got a big one!
06/07/06: ‘Tolerance’ is no match against hatred
06/01/06: ‘Cold blooded murder’? More like hot-blooded over-reaction
05/31/06: Another vicious regime is tottering, so why to toss a lifeline?
05/30/06: Bi-partsianship has been achieved and America will suffer
05/24/06: Cheerleading journos may get what they want — to their detriment
05/23/06: Conservatives need to see the big picture
05/16/06: NSA database story is wrong-number; but important al Qaida news is missed call
05/15/06: The GOPers' base is mad. The anger won't be assuaged by pathetic gestures to appease the Left
05/10/06: Hayden nomination as long planned Bush counter-offensive?
05/08/06: Al-Qaida in Iraq, running scared, is changing tactics
05/01/06: Bush drills a dry well
04/25/06: The CIA leaker had no agenda, huh?s
04/24/06: How an initial, inexcusable failure came to follow a great success
04/18/06: He thinks as well as he fights
04/17/06: OOPS!
04/11/06: Media polluting the land with recycling
04/03/06: The logical solution to immigration problem likely won't see light of day
03/28/06: Now more dangerous than al Qaida
03/27/06: All bad news, all the time: People are tired of journalistic practices that obscure the reality of good news
03/21/06: Journos who don't know but have convinced us that they do
03/15/06: Muslims — and liberals — must stop making excuses for Islamic violence, or an ugly situation will get uglier still
02/28/06: Dagnabit — No Iraqi civil war!
02/21/06: The real scandal about the WMDs
02/17/06: Fact-checking al-Gore's (latest) outburst
02/14/06: Frantic Democrats are playing the race card to keep their most loyal voting bloc on the plantation, but it's not the trump it used to be
02/13/06: Prophet and loss: U.S. media's failure to print the Danish cartoons is craven
02/07/06: Appeasers finally beginning to ‘get it’?
02/01/06: About those missing WMDs ...
01/31/06: For Israel, the Hamas victory is liberating
01/24/06: Outraged libs want reform?
01/19/06: Double standards in the ‘public's right to know’
01/13/06: In search of a leader to clean House — and Senate
01/11/06: Latest lunatic thug is putting world on notice
01/09/06: Did Castro kill Kennedy?
12/30/05: Washington Post's pre-emptive strike had accuracy of drive-by shooting
12/28/05: It is talk that matters, not action
12/22/05: Open up Miller's old jail cell!
12/16/05: Celebrating the ‘democratic wedding of heresy and immorality’
12/12/05: Prez knows not to change a sound strategy when it's clearly bearing fruit
12/07/05: Prez knows not to change a sound strategy when it's clearly bearing fruit
11/30/05: Time for GOPers to clean their House — and Senate
11/16/05: Finding better ways to protect our soldiers must be our highest defense procurement priority
11/09/05: Why the Islamists may well succeed
11/07/05: About that Iraq ‘deception’
11/01/05: ‘Curses. Foiled again!’
10/28/05: Giving up armed resistance for politics
10/27/05: Prez is in a pit dug in large part by his ‘friends’
10/20/05: ‘Suicide death’ in Syria stirs up the pot
10/17/05: Prez's claim that Iraq is the central front in the War on Terror confirmed by al Qaida big
10/12/05: The media is remarkably incurious about terrorism coincidences
10/10/05: Knock it off: The conservatives whining about the Miers nomination are a petulant bunch
09/30/05: Goss is shoveling as fast as he can — but it may not be enough
09/27/05: Go, Rummy, go — home
09/26/05: What slowed down disaster response to Katrina? Let's look for the lawyers
09/20/05: (Journalistic) Disaster: When emotions and opinions dominate facts and reason
09/15/05: Brown may have been wrong man for the job but it's not reflection on the rest
09/08/05: Settled wisdom vs conventional wisdom
09/06/05: The finger of blame is being pointed in the wrong direction
08/31/05: Breaking Iraq apart will splinter the region
08/29/05: An unquiet American
08/25/05: Unspinning the NY Times' military mendacity
08/22/05: Dangerously disabled
08/15/05: Able Danger — now they tell us
08/12/05: It's time to teach the media about the war they're covering — they're having a hard time on their own
08/08/05: Is Iran our new target? Intelligence seems to say so
08/03/05: It's still a ‘War’ on Terror — however you call it
08/01/05: Quagmire for al-Qaida: Terrorists are feeling the heat in Iraq
07/26/05: With friends like these....
07/25/05: One small defeat for terrorists, one large potential victory for humankind
07/14/05: That Islamic radicals are capable of mounting an occasional attack outside of Iraq ‘proves’ that Iraq has not been a drain on their attention and resources?
07/08/05: Memo to the truly ‘objective’: Leakers are people with an agenda. At best, they tell just part of the story
07/07/05: Army has to follow rest of military's tactics in military recruitment
07/06/05: Winning the war at home first
07/04/05: Iranian election is a harbringer of a new era
06/29/05: Dems' irrational fear doesn't allow them to see clearly
06/27/05: Freedom is in the Middle East air
06/23/05: Our republic and colleges
06/20/05: ‘Gulag Gitmo’ grandstanding: Dems fulminate over prisoners, but they are treated well
06/10/05: Dean is making alot of noise but not the type the Dems want to hear
06/07/05: The liberal media refuses the accept the truth about Iraq even when it is shown to them
06/06/05: It's not a shut case on the Watergate mystery
05/30/05: When will the media get it right ?
05/26/05: Ground in Social Security debate shifting in favor of GOPers
05/18/05: Dem reinventing?
05/12/05: Suicide attacks in Iraq signal the weakening — not strengthening — of insurgency
05/06/05: Fixing Social Secutity is doable — but only if we're willing to sacrifice
05/05/05: GOPers have lots of ammo to fire in ethics ‘war’ Dems started
04/28/05: With Syria leaving Lebanon, can democracy be soon behind?
04/27/05: Memo to Republicans: Is anybody in the House?
04/18/05: G.I. Jane is here to stay, and that's mostly a good thing
04/13/05: Can Canada solve the world's energy woes?
04/08/05: Things aren't as bad as they seem but not as good as it looks
04/07/05: Political intentions are clashing with military needs
04/04/05: The wheels are coming off the Future Combat Systems program
04/01/05: Scandal at UN doesn't necessarily mean the end of UN
03/29/05: Some people can't accept the truth even when it's handed to them
03/28/05: Starved of justice
03/23/05: Terri Schiavo: She would have better off being one of the ‘protected species’
03/21/05: Willing to serve
03/18/05: The wrath of the moonbats
03/15/05: No better friend; no worse enemy
03/11/05: Italian journo refuses to accept the truth
03/10/05: Lebanon as democracy epicenter?
03/04/05: Bush Doctrine gives libs new dish to eat — Crow
03/01/05: Free Speech failing on campus
02/24/05: Can Syrian domination of Lebanon be at its end? How the War on Terror is shifting its locale and focus
02/22/05: Can Howard ‘Moses’ Dean take the Dems to the Promised Land?
02/15/05: Media lynch mob tries to out-blog the bloggers (and fails miserably)
02/11/05: Journalism double standard: Doesn't the media get it?
02/09/05: Pentagon is about to be transformed into a slaughterhouse for sacred cows
02/04/05: The Toy Story: How the media is creating — or, rather, re-creating — history
01/31/05: Are the Democrats trying to lose the black vote?
01/27/05: More on adopting Nixon's Vietnamization program to Iraq
01/25/05: Has Sy Hersh finally done something productive?
01/21/05: Why they're still alleging fraud where none exists
01/19/05: Another ‘mainstream media’ disgrace
01/17/05: Prez needs to adapt Nixon's Vietnamization program to Iraq
01/12/05: It may look like a duck, walk like a duck and quack like a duck, but it's really just a parakeet
01/10/05: A GOP president will appoint first black chief justice, first black woman justice
01/06/05: If bureaucracy and BS could fill an empty stomach, the UN could feed the world
01/04/05: Newspaper sale$ decline should be blamed on the journos
12/31/04: Ingrates of the world unite 12/15/04: Our heavy reliance on the Guard and Reserve raises more pressing questions than who gets first dibs on new equipment
12/13/04: Make new head of Homeland Security the fella who thought it up
12/08/04: Draft alternatives
12/06/04: So why exactly does the CIA conduct paramilitary operations?
12/01/04: No UN would be an improvement over the one we've got now
11/25/04: Washington pols need to learn that act in haste, repent at leisure
11/19/04: Why we love journos
11/17/04: CIA dysfunction
11/15/04: On the verge of victory
11/10/04: The real reactionaries
11/08/04: Victory is coming
11/05/04: The era is over
11/02/04: Osama bin Laden is correct to believe that his fate is in the hands of the American electorate
10/28/04: The October surprise was on the media — BUSTED!
10/26/04: American envy — and telling the Limeys to #%^&^-off
10/25/04: Where's Osama?
05/24/04: Clown commission: Events of 9/11 deserve more than this inquiry
05/18/04: Ignoring the truth doesn't make it go away
05/12/04: Bush's courage
05/10/04: Winking — not blinking — in Falluja
05/07/04: Scandals: Real and ignored
05/05/04: So who are these chickenhawks?
05/03/04: Some things are more important than domestic politics
04/30/04: Memo to White House: Crush the insurgents in Fallujah already
04/22/04: No, I'm not THAT Jack Kelley!
04/20/04: And if the WMD are found ... Connecting the dots
04/19/04: Who is behind the Iraq insurgency?
04/14/04: Shame on the 9/11 Commission
04/11/04: Iraq's insurgents can't win, unless we let them
04/08/04: Our message to terrorists: There will be no Mogadishu moment in Iraq
04/02/04: Journo advocates for economic misery should get real
03/31/04: It's Dick Clarke's American grandstand
03/25/04: Lying when not necessary makes most wonder — but not the media
03/22/04: This could become campaign issue No. 1
03/12/04: A year into Operation Iraqi Freedom , only the most blind of partisans can deny that significant progress has been made in Iraq
03/10/04: Economy is being politically driven
03/08/04: Kerry is no Gore
03/05/04: Kerry's curious foreign policies
02/05/03: Does the FBI have the ability to protect us from terrorists already here?
02/03/03: The "Axis of Weasels"
01/29/03: A bit of the jitters
01/27/03: The world's mediocre intelligence agency
01/21/03: By reaffirming GOP opposition to racism, president demonstrates willingness to confront liars
01/16/03: Why the United States should withdraw all of its military forces from South Korea as rapidly as we reasonably can
12/16/02: Debunker mentality: It's hard work not seeing ties between Iraq and al-Qaida
12/12/02: GOP ideologues turning on Lott --- better sacrifice the leader than the party
12/06/02: Curing our democracy of afflictions
12/02/02: Conscription, like the horse cavalry, is an artifact of a bygone time
11/27/02: What Saddam faces
11/25/02: Why war with Iraq can be averted
11/19/02: A draft would harm the military
11/12/02: The 2002 elections and Nixon
11/07/02: Democratic overreaction to our recent "cosmically important" election
10/30/02: Show North Korea we're serious: Polish off Saddam
10/22/02: The squealing in the Pentagon is a proof of Rummy's effectiveness
10/16/02: The tactical challenge we face
10/10/02: Silence more despicable than seditious noise
10/08/02: Bu$h and the bu$ine$$ of war
10/01/02: Gore's calculated risk may well get him the Dems' nomination
09/25/02: Schroeder may find the fruits of victory sour
09/25/02: Making Saddam change his spots
09/19/02: Bush's resolve already has paid dividends
09/17/02: Courageous Iranians
09/13/02: If you never served in the military, you have no right to an opinion
09/10/02: Why the 'air marshals' will fail
09/05/02: Resurrecting the "Happy Darky"
08/31/02: Are Bush's inactions against Iraq calculated?
08/23/02: Dems can't take the minority vote for granted any longer
08/20/02: No proof of Saddam's wrongdoing? Yeah, right
08/15/02: Mineta's war on what?
08/13/02: When Gore said he wanted to be his 'own man,' what was he thinking!?
08/08/02: Picking a tree for Cheney's hanging
08/06/02: Fears about the Department of Homeland Security are misplaced
08/01/02: The greatest strategic deception since Eisenhower convinced Hitler the Allies were going to land at the Pas de Calais?
07/30/02: State Dept.'s anti-American actions
07/26/02: Journalists are making sure Americans can't differentiate between the stock market and the economy
07/23/02: Iran's is on the verge of a social and political explosion. So why is media ignoring it?
07/17/02: FBI isn't supposed to stand for Foolish, Blind and Incompetent
07/12/02: The ICC tramples on rights Americans take for granted
07/09/02: Was LA International Airport shooting, in fact, good news?
07/02/02: What the "intelligence community" can learn from Alexander the Great
06/28/02: Muslim link in Oklahoma City bombing revisited
06/25/02: A good environmental scare needs two ingredients - an impending catastrophe, and someone to blame for it
06/21/02: Stirring the security pot
06/18/02: Why the military is so messed up
06/14/02: Vast majority $68.7 billion proposed for weapons will be spent on systems of little use in the war on terror
06/12/02: Bush saw them and raised them, and he's holding the aces
06/10/02: Some heads need to roll
06/04/02: A new draft for the 'war on terror'?
05/31/02: So the FBI has finally caught up to our priorities?
05/29/02: Taking on common sense
05/23/02: Political terrorists
05/21/02: There is a great deal to fret about, but I've never been more optimistic
05/15/02: If there is a way for America to lose the war, Gen. Tommy Franks can find it
05/13/02: Impartial justice against Americans by the UN?
05/07/02: Want to win the 'war on terror'? Reinstate the draft
05/03/02: An expanded NATO is needed as a counterweight to the UN and the EU
04/29/02: Islamic 'smarts'
04/26/02: Did Bush play his Aces with Abdullah wisely?
04/23/02: Why peace in the Mideast is closer than ever
04/19/02: What the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank gained from the "peace accords"
04/17/02: Logical Muslim allies
04/10/02: How to guarantee an infinite Mideast war
04/08/02: Saddam's American friends
04/05/02: Arab winners and sinners
04/01/02: Why is the commander of U.S. Central Command not coming clean to the American people?
03/31/02: Dubya under attack by conservatives
03/26/02: Saddam watch coming to an end?
03/21/02: Get the Jews!
03/19/02: It's time pols and gov bureaucrats be held to the same standard of accountability we insist for corporate execs
03/15/02: Khaki Throat
03/12/02: Making foreign cheaters pay
03/08/02: Timidity and indecision by senior American commanders
03/04/02: Why 9-11? Ex-CIA officials come clean
02/25/02: Don't rule out a quick victory --- even if prez says otherwise
02/21/02: Saving our military from itself
02/19/02: Front Page fiction
02/15/02: Our European allies are like the fat kid who wants to play quarterback
02/13/02: Is the Army in danger of becoming "irrelevant"?
02/11/02: So, I "propagate hatred"
02/06/02: Bush whacking the media
02/04/02: Why serious folks disregard the European Union --- and why Bush must, too
01/30/02: Give economy pneumonia in order to protect it from a cold
01/28/02: Media is its own worst enemy
01/25/02: Journalists making road to peace a bumpy ride, or: A case study in stupidity
01/23/02: Toward a stronger defense at a lower cost
01/21/02: How Bush could be Generations X and Y's Kennedy ... and guarantee a GOP victory in the midterm elections