Jewish World Review Jan. 30, 2004 / 7 Shevat, 5764

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The political forehead front; Alies meets Franken; the art of the hype; arrested career development? | NEW YORK — Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry can't seem to put that knotty Botox issue to rest.

Two prominent New York plastic surgeons — after examining "before" and after "photos" posted on the Drudge Report — told us Wednesday that Sen. Kerry exhibits all the signs of a Botox injection.

"Not only is it Botox, but it's classic bad Botox," said Dr. Michael Kane, a surgeon in private practice. "His forehead is just way too smooth. It looks weird. It's a bizarre appearance that he's got not a wrinkle. That doesn't happen to 60-year-olds."

Dr. Gerald Ember, an attending plastic surgeon at New York Presbyterian Hospital, agreed.

"The pictures . . . show a marked absence of the horizontal lines of the forehead and wrinkles between the eyes. Only Botox or a forehead lift would do this," he said. "And I say, good for him!"

In a Tuesday interview with a Boston radio station, the Massachusetts senator was asked about this column's allegations. Kerry "absolutely" denied receiving Botox treatments, and added: "I've never even heard it. Where did this come from? . . . I've never even heard of it. Never heard of it."

It was unclear whether Kerry meant he had "never heard" of Botox — which his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, has publicly acknowledged using — or merely that he never heard of the Botox rumors concerning him.

Last year, Kerry denied to a Boston Globe reporter that he had a medical problem — only to acknowledge later that he had been successfully treated for prostate cancer. Kerry explained the fib by saying he wanted to tell his family first.

Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter — who has been trying for the past week to kill the Botox rumor fueled by rival campaigns — told me the plastic surgery experts are wrong. "Since when do doctors make diagnoses based on pictures? John Kerry has not ever had any injections of Botox or any other cosmetic procedure done. . . . It's ridiculous that people are focusing on this and not on real issues."

Cutter added: "There's nothing like coming from behind and winning two very important presidential primaries to make somebody look better."

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The lunch crowd at Michael's craned their necks Wednesday as Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes bantered with Fox News nemesis Al Franken.

"Will you go on my radio show?" demanded Franken, who's launching a liberal talk radio venture in a couple of months. "Remember that I helped you out once when you asked me to come on your radio show."

"I really don't do those things anymore," replied Ailes, who had dropped by the table on his way out of the restaurant. "I haven't done it in two years."

"Here, I do you a favor, and that's the thanks I get?" Franken persisted.

"Yeah," Ailes fired back, "but you were the only guest who ever demanded to be paid. I think we had to give you $12."

"That was for cab fare," the comedian insisted.

Franken, my lunch partner, also interrogated Ailes about the cable network's notorious lawsuit against him for appropriating the Fox News slogan in his book, "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right." The publicity over the unsuccessful suit helped turn Franken's book into a huge best seller.

"Who's idea was it to sue? Was it O'Reilly's?" Franken probed, referring to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, star of "The O'Reilly Factor," whose photograph is prominent on the cover of Franken's book.

"I can tell you that it was August and I was on vacation," Ailes parried. "I think I said, 'Let's send this over to the legal department,' and somebody there must have thought that meant sue. That's not what it meant."

"But was it O'Reilly who asked for the suit?" Franken repeated.

"Let me put it this way: It wasn't my idea — and it wasn't the legal department's," Ailes said. "Listen, talent always wants to sue about everything.

. . . It's the sort of thing that happens in August."

Franken quipped: "I'm planning to call my radio show 'The O'Franken Factor.' Do you think you can sue me again?"

Ailes just laughed.


THE ART OF THE HYPE: He's got a business to run and he's starring in his own NBC reality series, but Donald Trump isn't too busy to write a book on the side. "How to Get Rich: Lessons from 'The Apprentice' and Other Big Deals" will be published in April by Random House. And did The Donald receive a gazillion-dollar advance? "Let's put it this way — we may have to change the name of the company to 'Trump House,'" said Random House exec Jonathan Karp.

ARRESTED CAREER DEVELOPMENT?: Was Julia Louis-Dreyfus too greedy for her own good? The upcoming TV Guide reports that the "Seinfeld" star — whose short-lived NBC sitcom, "Watching Ellie," was canceled last year — did herself out of a plum part in the acclaimed Fox TV sitcom "Arrested Development" by demanding too much money. "The show has a large ensemble," said an insider, "and they just couldn't afford her." But Dreyfus's manager, Judy Hofflund, told me Thursday that "money has nothing to do with it, and the truth of the matter is that they've come back to her and we're talking again." If a deal is made, Dreyfus would appear in two episodes as a blind attorney assigned to prosecute Jeffrey Tambor.

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