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Jewish World Review Feb. 10, 2003 / 8 Adar I, 5763

James Lileks

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Found: League for International Justice and Peace talking points | Memo: Steering committee of the League for International Justice and Peace (cc to International Peace and Justice Committee, Worker's League for Peace and Justice, Just Peace Now! et al.)

Topic: Negative repercussions of positive outcome in Iraq

Friends, it is obvious that our placards and giant mocking puppets were for naught, and the unelected fascist oil clique will invade the sovereign nation of Iraq. We must not only consider the possibility that the war will occur, but face the chance that it might go well. Since we've predicted nothing but disaster, the corporate media might interview our members and ask them to revisit their predictions. Frankly, we advise leaving the phone off the hook and changing your group's name - just change the order of "peace" or "justice", for example. But if you must talk to the media, use the following talking points. and you'll be able to turn any good news into depressing predictions that spell doom for the US, death for the planet, and increased contributions for your organization.

Corporate Media Accusation #1: "the coalition forces liberated special jails for children in Iraq; does this change your mind about opposing the war?"

Your response: "That's good news if indeed it's true, but meanwhile we are not only tolerating chid labor in other countries, we're encouraging it through globalization, and if a Nike shoe factory isn't a prison it's rather close. But back to Baghdad - the issue isn't the children's prisons, but the hospitals full of children born with gross defects caused by depleted uranium shells fired by the US in the previous Gulf War. These are the issues we'll have to address in the future."

That last point is tricky, since depleted uranium is, unfortunately, as radioactive as a tree stump. And it turns out the US didn't fire those shells into schools as we thought, but on the battlefield in Kuwait. Your interviewer probably won't know this, however, and won't feel qualified to challenge you if you're using Facial Posture #84, Righteous Compassion. (Check the handbook if you need a brush up, and practice; it's perilously close to #21, Passionate Concern.) We continue:

Corporate Media Accusation #2: "Take a look at this film of people celebrating Saddam's death - doesn't it make you rethink your opposition?"

Your response: "Not really, Dan / Peter / Tom - they're celebrating the downfall of a tyrant we created, installed in power, armed, supported in a war with Iran - few people remember how we loaned him the use of the USS Enterprise for an entire month. I don't think they're thanking the US as much as the fact that the sanctions will now be lifted and US blockades will no longer kill 75,000 people a day."

Again, we're fudging a little here, since Saddam's military was overwhelmingly made up of Russian, Chinese and European equipment - but we've had great success convincing people that the US grew Saddam in a petri dish and put him in power, so you're not likely to face a challenge here. And feel free to inflate that sanction-casualty figure up - no one ever challenges that.

If the corporate media stooge points out that US troops found tons of chemical weapons:

"Well, it's an argument for continued inspections, not military action, and it doesn't change the fact that the US won't destroy its chemical weapons until 2004, which puts us in no position to lecture anyone."

If Saddam attacks Israel with Scuds, killing thousands:

"And who supplied those missiles? North Korea - a nation provoked into resuming is nuclear-weapons production by Bush's relentless bellicosity."

Final note: if the interviewer asks you to comment on footage of people toppling a statue of Saddam, or an interview with a legless journalist held in jail while his children were tortured and his wife raped, or scenes of American technicians attempting to cap oil-well fires, or scenes from an Israeli hospital, don't lose focus. Remember your key issues: Palestine. Mumia. Kyoto. SUV mileage. This could be our worst-case scenario - a war that not only kills few and liberates a nation, but distracts people from our goals.

Let's hope it doesn't turn out to be that bad.

JWR contributor James Lileks is a columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Comment by clicking here.


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