August 7th, 2022


Now We Know Who's Really A Genius

Alicia Colon

By Alicia Colon

Published Jan. 16, 2018

 Now We Know Who's Really A Genius

Ever since Donald Trump entered the political arena, his intelligence has been viciously attacked and his supporters have been labeled as moronic deplorables.

In a recent Trump tweet, the president responded to the most recent attack by saying he is a stable genius. The mainstream media never bothered checking evidence of Obama's intelligence before one historian declared him "the smartest man with the highest IQ ever to be elected to the presidency", even though his academic records were sealed. What these attacks do prove is who the real brains are and who are the dummies: Alan Dershowitz may be for real and George Will is the moron.

IQ's are a tricky thing because they are frequently determined by SAT scores and educational degrees rather than substantial testing by professionals.

Donald Trump may consider himself a ‘stable genius' and judging from the way he's handled foreign affair decisions, I tend to agree.

Using the MAGA theme, he removed us from a disastrous Paris accord; cutting foreign payments to hostile countries; recognizing Jerusalem as Israel capital; holding a hard line against Iran and North Korea and despots in the UN-absolutely brilliant.

Donald Trump has managed to drive the GOP elite, the mainstream media and the entire Democrat party absolutely nuts and that's such a wonderful thing to see. The word genius has been batted around willy-nilly by the media to describe some individuals who are borderline simpletons.

Obama's adorers based his intelligence on merely his oratorical skills dependent on teleprompters.

Jack Kelly wrote a column that appeared in JWR back in 2012 declaring that Obama was not that bright: "Mr. Obama has said a lot of unsmart things: there are 57 states; Canada has a president; "Austrian" is a language; America is "20 centuries" old; Arabic is spoken in Afghanistan. He's called the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) the Maldives, and declared it would be "unprecedented" for the Supreme Court to invalidate a law passed by Congress."

Kelly left out how Obama repeatedly pronounced corpsman as corpseman and hilariously said this about Abraham Lincoln: "Listen, Abraham Lincoln helped build the interstate, er the intercontinental railroad in the middle of the Civil War because he understood this was going to be important." The smartest president ever doesn't know the difference between intercontinental and transcontinental. Imagine how wet the passengers' luggage would get on the train crossing the Atlantic.

Donald Trump may be a braggart, an indiscriminate tweeter but you do not become a global billionaire by being an idiot.

In fact you become despised by an elite that truly believes it is more intelligent than the average American. A real intellectual uses his intelligence to discern, observe the facts and then come to a conclusion.

Although a pronounced liberal, Mr. Dershowitz has made several statements supporting President Trump's policies and admonished the left's efforts to brand Trump as mentally unbalanced.

Consequently, Dershowitz said recently, "He is being shunned by many of his old political allies. His motives are being questioned. And people who used to be his friends just don't want to hear from him."

On the other hand we have the formerly respected intellectual pundits, ( albeit Never Trumpers,) like George Will and Bill Kristol, who have chosen to ignore Trump achievements and have allowed their animosity and disdain for the president to cloud their judgment.

Paul Mirengoff of Powerline considered a George Will December column as the worst of the year. Because Trump had the audacity to support Judge Roy Moore in his failed race for senate in Alabama, Will concluded that he was the worst president ever. Mirengoff wrote: "Will's column cannot be taken seriously. Even if it were possible to give so low a rating to a president after only eleven months, it could not be done without an analysis of the substance of that presidency. Will's column is devoid of such analysis. It smacks of hysteria."

The once smart Will has been more than hysterical since the arrival of Donald Trump to the political arena. He promptly quit the Republican Party which prompted many conservatives to sniff-"Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out".

When we think back and recall the 2016 primaries and the many candidates that Trump defeated I personally don't believe any of his rivals would have been able to withstand the daunting and unprecedented media attacks. Nor did I expect the nation to systematically descend into madness. Actually the world has been collectively mad since Barack Obama appeared in all his Marxist glory on the scene.

Will America ever admit that the senseless adoration fostered on Obama compared far closely to Adolf than any rally attended by Trump supporters. Remember those elementary school kids chanting Obama, Obama, Obama like little lobotomized brown shirts or those Grecian poles rather than American flags erected to frame The One and his teleprompter? Has any right wing pundit admitted that Trump made his leg tingle like how Obama affected Chris Matthews?

I watched in horror as our country acted like an idiocracy numbingly selecting a president who was at best a community organizer who never revealed his education records or held a real job. It reminded me of Charleston Heston screaming, "It's a madhouse, a madhouse," in the first Planet of the Apes movie.

Now watch some insane pundit take this sentence as a racist remark. It is not, of course but liberals are quick to put a bad spin on any words spoken by conservatives.

I suspect that somehow this brouhaha about the alleged ‘sh*thole remark was never said by Trump but Democrat Dick Durbin has always used this lying tactic to discredit Republicans.

This time it may not work because Donald Trump only cares about one thing-making America great again.