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Jan. 29, 2004

Daniel Pipes & Asaf Romirowsky: Hamas in the classroom: A response

'Hamas U' goes into damage control mode

Jan. 28, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: Should I tell a business owner that a job applicant has a criminal record?

John Chadwick: Candidates finding piety a must in politics

Jan. 27, 2004

Daniel Pipes & Asaf Romirowsky: Hamas in the classroom

James Lileks: When the battle over artistic freedom goes over the edge

Jan. 26, 2004

Omer Bartov: Did Hitlerism die with Hitler? (SUPERB!)

Jonathan Tobin: Politically Incorrect Historian

Jan. 23, 2004

Rabbi Berel Wein: What Pharaoh can teach us about being stubborn

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: 'Not yet' Jews by choice

Mona Charen: Lady killers

Jan. 22, 2004

Debra N. Cohen: Giving new meaning to ‘Who is a Jew?’: Ukrainian chief rabbi makes emotional plea for Church to open Holocaust-era baptismal records

Ask Wendy: Boyfriend refuses to remove dead wife's ring; travel cross-country with estranged mother who is alone?

Jan. 21, 2004

Stacey Dresner: Jews swarming to WASP schools

Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkle's Everything's Relative --- the Jewish Gen-X strip that crosses cultures and generations. Online exclusively at JWR

Jan. 20, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: Opening the Gates

Libby Lazewnik: Winner Takes All — one for the books

Jan. 16, 2004

Rabbi Avi Shafran: More things in Heaven and Earth

Rabbi Berel Wein: You are in the (Divine's) army now


Jan. 15, 2004

The Jewish Ethicist: When do I have to let customers know about defects?

James Lileks: Of Martians and Jihad

Jan. 14, 2004

Evan Gahr: The Moral Minority

Ask Wendy: ‘Middle-aged dummy’ wants to hold a job; divorcée won't accept responsibility; kids hope their divorced parents would grow-up

Jan. 13, 2004

Gary Rosenblatt: How wide should our open doors be?

Zev Chafets: Right man, right note

Jan. 12, 2004

Y. Elchonon: Holy Cow? Why there is no such thing as Meshuga Cow Disease

Judy Lash Balint: Arik Sharon's wake-up call

Jan. 9, 2004

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: What is important in prayer?

Rabbi Berel Wein: In defense of ‘separate but equal’

Jan. 8, 2004

Evan Gahr: UNHOLY WAR: Prominent Christian leaders now denouncing Alliance For Marriage's queer partner

Jonathan Tobin: ‘Move On’ Over the Edge

Jan. 7, 2004

J.R. Labbe: Link between Syria and Spider-Man and Wal-Mart?

Dr. Rafael Medoff: A Jewish boxer who fought for his people

Jan. 6, 2004

Jeff Dunetz: The Davinsky Code

Ask Wendy: Putting up with abusive wife; father's request: son not attend his funeral; when to bill a buddy

Jan. 5, 2004

Jonathan Tobin: French ban on religious symbols is reminiscent of America's own legacy of religious bigotry, one that's still, amazingly, occurring today

Howard Shapiro: The knish at center stage

Jan. 2, 2004

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: Joseph: The Tragedy of Being Truly righteous

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: What is a ‘significant encounter’?

Dec. 31, 2003

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: Should public servants go to work for the very businesses they policed?

Kathleen Parker: Moral men learn it's lonely at the top

Dec. 30, 2003

Stefan Kanfer: Wrath redux: Is there but one effective way to end the hate and madness?

Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkle's: Everything's Relative --- the Jewish Gen-X strip that crosses cultures and generations. Online exclusively at JWR

Dec. 29, 2003

Anne Applebaum: Faith and Freedom

Jonathan Tobin: Urban Legends of Vermont: Overreaction to Dean's loose tongue shouldn't stifle questions about candidate's stands

Dec. 26, 2003

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: The need to create a perfectly balanced set of 'soul forces'

Jeff Jacoby: The triumph of Chanukah

Dec. 24, 2003

Harry Langsam: When faith burned bright in the face of evil

Chanukah music special: Listen while you surf! Jewish superstars, "bubble gum bands," and other genres — in English, Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino. Even a dramatized version of the Chanukah story. DJ-ed by New York radio personality Nachum Segal. Three hours. (Must have Real player)

Dec. 23, 2003

Rabbi Yonason Goldson: Lighting our way to the palace of the king

Daniel Pipes: Reading Sharon's mind

Dec. 22, 2003

Zev Chafets: What Sharon knows about talking dogs

Ethel G. Hofman: Beyond the love of latkes

Dec. 19, 2003

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: What is a spiritual high?

Rabbi Daniel Cohen: What is the ultimate gift we can give our children on Chanukah?

Dec. 18, 2003

Joseph Aaron: Saddam, the Divine's messenger

Jonathan Tobin: He's No Angel

Dec. 17, 2003

Elliot B. Gertel: ‘Joan of Arcadia’: The latest TV show to cheapen — and abuse — religion

Ask Wendy: Standing on principal — alone?; part-time lie?; "family first" — but whose?

Dec. 16, 2003

George Will: Lessons From Nuremberg

Lou Marano: 'Blessing of a Broken Heart'

Dec. 15, 2003

Evan Gahr: One less fellow traveler. ‘God Squad’ rabbi bolts queer Alliance. Is ‘Lieberman's rabbi’ next?

Steven Plaut: Saddam's JFK Moment

Dec. 12, 2003

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Can the Bible be a secular language?

Jeff Shields: Push continues to rectify Nazi-era looting of a 'Gold Train'

Dec. 11, 2003

Jonathan Tobin: Anti-Israel and Anti-Semite

Dec. 10, 2003

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: Can I scheme to take advantage of a free offer?

Libby Lazewnik: Front Page News (Character-building kids story that adults will love!)

Dec. 9, 2003

Daniel Pipes: Do Jews Have a future in Europe?

Paul Wieder: Get the ribbons, it's the Chanukah wrap-up!

Dec. 8, 2003

Jeff Jacoby: Lieberman vs. Lieberman on religion

Jeff Dunetz: The Secaucus Peace Plan

Suzanne Fields: An ancient contagion thrives

Dec. 5, 2003

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg:Can a single word make a difference?

Rod Dreher: What the Alliance for Marriage heads and board members either don't know or don't want you to know

Dec. 4, 2003

Jeff Jacoby: Geneva: A blueprint for war, not peace

Jonathan Tobin: A False Peace

Dec. 3, 2003

The Jewish Ethicist: Q: A merchant in our area is known for his support of unsavory causes. Is it proper to prefer other establishments?

Zev Chafets: Atomic reaction

Dec. 2, 2003

Evan Gahr: Queer allies: The little-noticed alliance between gay marriage opponents and alleged terrorist sympathizers (HALL OF SHAME!)

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder: The sorry tale of George Soros

Dec. 1, 2003

Jonathan Tobin: Let's Make Believe

Diana West: Silence of the watchdogs

Larry Elder: What you need to know about the 'religion of peace', Part II

Nov. 28, 2003

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Does order in the Torah make a difference?

Charles Krauthammer: Geneva sellout

Nov. 26, 2003

Chris Leppek: Synagogue takes a holy hike — literally

Michael Freund: Sharon's Premature Evacuation

Nov. 25, 2003

Barbara Amiel: Muslims have just as much to fear from militant Islam

Daniel Pipes: Identifying Muslim Moderates

Nov. 24, 2003

Jonathan Tobin: t's not 1938, but anti-Semitic violence should cause us to focus on the war against terror

Diana West: Islam's consistency with democracy

Nov. 21, 2003

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Can a person converse with the Divine?

Rabbi Dov Fischer: Michael Jackson and us

Nov. 20, 2003

Barbara Amiel: The ultimate revenge over Israel

Larry Elder: What you need to know about the 'religion of peace'

Nov. 19, 2003

Shannon McMahon: Holocaust survivors find answers to lifelong questions at reunion

Paul Wieder: An ambitious new project surveys the American Jewish musical experience

Nov. 18, 2003

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson: Culture of death? Palestinian girl's murder highlights growing number of 'honor killings'

Art Chapman: The next celeb governor? Author-humorist Kinky Friedman ponders politics

Nov. 17, 2003

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky: Battle of the Liebermans

Jeff Dunetz: What type of world will my children live in?

Nov. 14, 2003

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Making sense of a father's ultimate test

Victor J. Wishna: Exhibiting courage

Nov. 13, 2003

Jonathan Tobin: When Some Money Talks, Don't Listen

Ask Wendy: Invite obnoxious commie grandparents to bar mitzvah?; struggling student who is musician or the opposite?

Nov. 12, 2003

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder: What's a nice Jewish boy doing in a place like this?

Libby Lazewnik: Covering for his twin

Nov. 11, 2003

Cal Thomas: The ‘Arab Street's’ concept of freedom

Wesley Pruden: Our Saudi friends get a lesson

Nov. 10, 2003 Jonathan Tobin: No Tribal Solidarity

Melanie Phillips: The chosen person

Nov. 7, 2003 Rabbi Hillel Goldberg: Was Abraham a generalist or a specialist?

Judy Lash Balint: Remembering Rachel

Nov. 6, 2003 Edward I. Koch: Putin's prosecution of the oligarchs can teach a powerful lesson about anti-Semitism Andrew Silow-Carroll: Lies (and the lazy dunces who put them on Page One)

Nov. 5, 2003 Rabbi Avi Shafran: Pro-choice Judaism

Jonah Goldberg: Israel isn't peaceful

Nov. 4, 2003 Afshin Molavi & Karim Sadjadpour: Is Iran rethinking its position on Israel?

Susan Lerner: Kosher foods gaining weight

Nov. 3, 2003 Diana West: Stop insulting Judaism and Christianity, Mr. President

Joel Mowbray: Paying our enemies to kill us

Oct. 31, 2003 Rabbi Berel Wein: There is no greater waste than a wasted tragedy

Jonathan S. Tobin: Who Lost the Campus?

Oct. 30, 2003

Zev Chafets: Why won't the Prez stop using ‘fuzzy terrorism’ language?

Fred Tasker: U.S. film producers rewrite the script for Israeli wines

Oct. 29, 2003 Mortimer B. Zuckerman: Graffiti On History's Walls (MUST-READ!)

Bill Tammeus: We can't live fully without books

Oct. 28, 2003 Mark Steyn: Muslim paranoia: Enemies made us impotent!

Jordan Max: The Prime Minister of Malaysia was right!

Oct. 27, 2003

Jonathan Tobin: Should America blame itself for the Muslim world's hatred?

Daniel Pipes: Deadly denial

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson: The Mideast crisis can be solved by — Hollyweird?

Oct. 24, 2003

Rabbi Berel Wein: The Book of Genesis: The book of — and for — mankind

Jeff Jacoby: Bigotry and the Muslim world

Charles Krauthammer: Lay off Easterbrook

Oct. 23, 2003

Yossi Klein Halevi: Only the Naive or the Malicious Would Urge a Binational Israel

Andrew Silow-Carroll: When bad ideas happen to good writers

Oct. 22, 2003

The Jewish Ethicist: Privacy vs. modesty

Mark Steyn: Linkage logarithms

Oct. 21, 2003

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.: Know thy enemy

Wesley Pruden: A harsh new reality for the Middle East

Zev Chafets: How to be a Muslim moderate

Cal Thomas: Muzzling the wrong dog

Oct. 20, 2003

Daniel Pipes and Asaf Romirowsky: Fulbright's Terrorist Tie

Jeff Jacoby: Palestinian terror, American blood

Oct. 17, 2003

Gary Rosenblatt: Still One Torah

Jonathan Tobin: So much for democracy

Oct. 16, 2003

Steve Goldstein: Will the Gaza roadside bombing be the last straw?

Anne Applebaum: Germans as Victims

Oct. 15, 2003

Jane Eisner: Passing on fasting

Alan M. Dershowitz: The Case Against Jordan

Oct. 14, 2003

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.: Preaching terror

Cal Thomas: Up close and personal with Ariel Sharon

Oct. 13, 2003

The Jewish Ethicist: When is "consent" truly informed?

Jonathan Tobin: The Cult of Objectivity

Oct. 10, 2003

Rabbi Avi Shafran: The Sukkah still stands

The latest installment of Jordan "Gorf" Gorfinkel's Jewish Gen-X strip, online exclusively at JWR --- Your Official Guide to Alternate Names for Jewish Holidays

Oct. 9, 2003

David Warren: Cowardice costs

Ask Wendy: Video greetings at gravesite?; end relationship with ‘special friend’?

Oct. 8, 2003

Mark Steyn: Palestinian death cult

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder: The real duel over fencing

Oct. 7, 2003

Zev Chafets: The death of a New York jihad hero

Jonathan Tobin: Will support for the Jewish state be an issue in the presidential race?

Oct. 3, 2003

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo: Yom Kippur and Arthur Schopenhauer

Toby Klein Greenwald: On visualization and vision during the Days of Awe

Oct. 2, 2003

Rabbi Avi Shafran: Seize the days

Joshua Silver: Consumer Tips from an Esrog Maven

Oct. 1, 2003

Ask Wendy: She refuses to forgive; close friend wants to bring home-wrecker as guest to wedding; tradition condition?

Ethel G. Hofman: Break the Fast — sweet and savory, ready to serve About
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