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Sunday, February 1
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Neil Rubin: The news according to Sid
Robert Scheer: Clinton's enemies live in glass houses
Jonathan S. Tobin: Time for Israel to kick the U.S. aid habit!

January, 1998 / Tevet, 5758 / Mideast Geopolitics Issue
The Day Israel Saved The World
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Jason Maoz: The Day Israel Saved The World

Amos Perlmutter: Saddam's Predictable Defiance

A classic editorial: The West's Unfinished Business

Jon B. Alterman: The Sunset of Arab Leadership

Douglas M. Bloomfield: Time for Israel to Leave Lebanon?

A Taste of Torah (RealAudio) on the morality of war Josh Pollack on Iran's new charm offensive Roger Simon: Let's get it over with

Abraham Rabinovitch on Bibi and Yasser, a reluctant match Josh Pollack on Bill, Bibi, Yasser, and American Jews Jeff Jacoby on Arafat at the Holocaust Museum
Living Jewish
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Thought / Adventures in Ideas
Rabbi Hillel Goldberg
: Who rules? Man or G-d? (Parshas Bo)

Raison dEtre / Editorial            Dispatch from Naziland

JWR's first month has been a great, if tiring, experience. Updating a web-based journal on a daily basis while preparing the next issue is more work than one might imagine, and our staff -- always trying to top itself! -- isn't very big. We hope we enriched your Chanukah. The most rewarding part for us, by far, has been your correspondence.               CONTINUED INSIDE

Eric BreindelMona CharenLinda ChavezLeft, Right & Center
Robert ScheerDon FederRoger Simon

Chapters / S E R I A L
G. Silber
presents the second installment of Dovid Meyer: The Orphan From Jerusalem
On Media / Pop Culcha
Elliot B. Gertel
: CBS's George & Leo deserve each other, not an audience
Jr. Jewish World / Just 4 Kids
Libby Lazewnik
's new story, "A Sure Thing"
Zeidy Zalman and "The Deal of a Lifetime"
Aural Torah / Hear O Israel
A Taste of Torah
explores the moral aspect of war; plus Steven Hill with the best of Olomeinu

LChaim / Living Jewish
  • Nathan Lewin finds Israel's Histadrut trade union in contempt of court
  • Anne Roiphe calls for an American Jewish initiative on behalf of Jonathan Pollard
  • Douglas Davis talks with John Le Carre about Jews and Israel
  • Sheldon Kirshner: documentarian Ira Wohl chronicles a 70-year-old retarded cousin's coming of age
  • Julia Gorin celebrates Kate Winslet's physique
  • Paul Greenberg takes us from Little Rock to Auschwitz
  • Phil Jacobs discovers a special minhag of compassion
  • Zev Spektor encounters an unusual Jewish calling -- photocopies
  • Suzanne Fields, sandwiched between generations
  • Dr. Jacob Mermelstein on childhood "achievement motivation"
  • Author Nehama C. Nahmoud presents the Jews of Yemen, part II
  • Richard Z. Chesnoff: Last chance for peace in the Middle East?
  • Susan Rubin Weintrob confronts Jewish anti-Orthodox prejudice in America
  • Douglas M. Bloomfield previews Bibi's Washington visit
  • Evan Gahr on a Hollywood blacklist celebration
  • Jonathan S. Tobin: Why Israel gets bad press
  • Amos Perlmutter on the Middle East's new alliance
  • Daniel Pipes on Judaism, Islam and Jerusalem
  • Yossi Piamenta, the Chasisic Hendrix, live in concert at NYC's Knitting Factory
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