Reality Check
Where will America's rabbis lead us this year?
By Jonathan Tobin

A trend towards High Holiday sermons about Trump or Netanyahu could set the tone for more political strife, even as a sense of Jewish peoplehood declines

Who Are The Real Haters?
Woman sitting behind Kavanaugh at his Supreme Court hearing was accused by his opponents of flashing a white power gesture . . .
By Eli Rosenberg

Then they learned the truth

Passionate Parenting
How to be a happier parent, even when school's back in session
By Jennifer Graham

Too many parents allow their family life to be a source of distress. Here are tips on how parents can reclaim the joy

Think vitamin patches help you gain focus, lose weight or sleep? Think, again
By Sarah Baird

Transdermal products that market themselves as supplements are drawing scrutiny

Must-Know Info
Want to minimize jet lag? Here's what the doctors order
By Kate Silver

Apps, timetables and melatonin --- how to help your body adjust to a new time zone

Wealth Strategies
7 Dow Stocks to Buy at a Reasonable Price
By Dan Burrows

The exclusive club of 30 Dow stocks is bristling with names that remain reasonably priced even as the industrial average approaches its own all-time closing high

Ess, Ess/ Eat, Eat!
The Kosher Gourmet
By Ethel G. Hofman

Rosh Hashanah Favorites: Old-fashioned taste, reduced calories

10 recipes from the former president of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, whose members include -- and have included -- respected gourmets like Julia Child

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Nate Beeler

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John Darkow

Bob Gorrell

Jeff Koterba

RJ Matson

Rick McKee

Gary Varvel

Michael Ramirez

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No place like the rightful home: Stolen ruby slippers from 'Wizard of Oz' recovered by FBI

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