Jewish World Review Jan. 8, 2010 / 22 Teves 5770

The inner attack against the United States

By Dave Weinbaum | Let's cut to the quick, shall we? President Barack Hussein Obama is more concerned with his universal legacy as a Socialist icon than the well-being and safety of the USA . The only thing he's shown competency at is the corruption of our institutions with the sole purpose of promoting himself in the eyes of America haters.

Laid back, late and dishonest is no way to run a country

Barack took an oath to protect the citizens of the USA and defend our Constitution. Yet his Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was looking to our veterans, tea-partiers, town hallers and wheelchair-bound grandmas as worse threats to the USA than a known security risk with a wiener bomb sewn into his underwear. The call warning about this al-Qaeda murderer came from his own father, a prestigious Nairobi lender. I guess Obama didn't answer the call because he thought it was another fat-cat banker looking for a bailout. The latest news is the Obama Administration knew this murderer was on the plane, but failed to notify the pilot.

Attempted murderer of 290 innocents, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab was allowed to abuse us further after his arrest by the Obama Administration by being read his rights.

What rights?

He's a non-citizen al-Qaeda combatant who, because of our president, will remain silent, even if he has knowledge of attacks coming today or tomorrow, who recruited him, who trained him, and any and all information that could help us fight our enemies. Can anyone explain this idiotic decision?

You may have disagreed with Bush, but at least he placed his indignation at our enemies and not our citizens. Dubya had compassion for our protection. He was successful at keeping the homeland safe for seven and a half years following 9/11. He took the fight to terrorist thugs in their back yard and decimated them.

Under Obama's thumb, our protective forces have allowed three attacks in eleven months on our soil. His reaction has been appalling.

The world is laughing at us and terrorists everywhere are rejoicing as they prepare for our murder.

Who said Obama isn't inspirational?

Letter from JWR publisher

A nation's sovereignty is the only thing keeping it from slipping through the cracks of history.

I never thought I'd live to see the day when the position of President of the United States of America would be used as a stepping stone to a more lucrative, powerful position: Messiah of the Universe. Of course any worthwhile venture is ripe with risk. Obama is so unselfish, he's already risked your medical care, your job, you and your children's future, your estate and the sovereignty of your country.

Oh yeah. This president is actively giving away our Constitutional Rights to outsiders. Here are two examples:

If this inner attack against the United States continues by the Obama Administration and its flunkies in Congress (I include the RINOS) keeps up, there'll be hell to pay in this country very soon. Americans, already fed up with these low-lifes in power, aren't going to sit around and watch too many more or their Constitutional Rights terminated.

We need to send these Obamanations packing, the sooner the better.