NOT satire
Obama: I'm Jewish 'in my soul'
By David Suissa

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Reality Check
A lesson in optimism from Israel
By Ben Carson

What the undeclared Republican presidential candidate learned on a fact-finding mission -- and pilgrimage -- to the Holy Land

Marriage Minded
Make or break, 5 minutes is all it takes
By Aaron & April Jacob

Use of those moments could chart dramatically different paths for how your evening will play out. How to choose, and chart, wisely!

Stock Watch
Stock Market Outlook for 2015
By Anne Kates Smith

A conflicted bull market may be experiencing a late-life crisis, but it's not headed for a total breakdown --- yet

What you need to know now

Consumer Intelligence
Top Affordable Vacation Destinations for 2015
By Cameron Huddleston

Travelers will find good deals to these domestic and international hot spots

Use caution with fortified foods
By Marsha McCulloch, M.S., R.D.

What the experts believe you don't know

How Does Red Wine Help You Live Longer?
By Susan Scutti

Add yet one more benefit to the -- no hyperbole! -- miracle drink

Ess, Ess/ Eat, Eat!
The Kosher Gourmet
By Hilary Meyer

4 Secrets to a Perfect Casserole (Incl. mouthwatering recipe)

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Ripleys Believe It Or Not!
Andy Capp
The Born Loser
Frank & Ernest
The Grizzwells
Moderately Confused
One Big Happy
Prickly City
The Wizard of Id

Eric Allie
Lisa Benson
Paul Combs
Bob Gorrell
Joe Heller
David Horsey
Chan Lowe
Jimmy Margulies
Jimmy Margulies BONUS!
Jack Ohman
Rob Rogers
Drew Sheneman
Jeff Stahler
Dana Summers
Dana Summers BONUS!
Michael Ramirez

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David M. Shribman: Should Presidents Put Parties Or People First?

David Ignatius: Why is Obama refusing to support Iraqi tribes in the fight against the Islamic State? (NEW CONTRIBUTOR; feedback appreciated)

Debra J. Saunders: The Deadbeat Candidate

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Robert J. Samuelson: 'Helping' the middle class won't fix its psychological problems (NEW CONTRIBUTOR; feedback appreciated)

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George Will: Jeb's hurdles

Mallard Filmore

Dry Bones