December 10, 1997 / 11 Kislev, 5758

Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer: The Age of Illumination

Rabbi Moshe Sherer: Exploiting the Menorah -- and the Miracle

Lawrence Charap: Whose Chanukah? Variations on the Hasmonean Theme

Aural Torah, JWR's audiomagazine, delivers the sounds of the lights

Chanukah coloring page and coloring puzzle!

Columnist Don Feder: Chanukah is no laughing matter

Jackie Mason thanks the pope for a very special Chanukah.

Menorah CHANUKAH, the most familiar and yet most elusive of Jewish holidays, unlike most other festivals, does not originate in the Torah, but at a pivotal moment in the later history of the Jews.

RISING UP against the Greco-Syrian ruler Antiochus, who had desecrated the Temple with pagan rites in the name of Hellenism -- the dominant, Greek-styled culture of the day -- the Maccabee (or Hasmonean) clan led the revolt that won back first the Temple, andthen the entire country.

JEWISH CHILDREN everywhere are enchanted by the tale of the miracle of the lamp, when one day's oil burned for eight days, permitting the rededication of the Temple.

BUT SOMEHOW Chanukah has developed more than one meaning: it may be a celebration of religious freedom or of national pride; a momentous spiritual event, or an occasion for fun and games; a time for quiet reflection or for a no-holds-barred spending spree.

JWR IS PLEASED to present five thoughtful essays, each with a different angle on the holiday: An outer Chanukah and an inner Chanukah; Chanukah in the spirit of the Hasmoneans or the Hellenists; Chanukah past and present.

TWO ARTICLES can be heard at Aural Torah, JWR's audiomagazine.

TWO CHILDREN'S GAMES are among our latest additions!

COLUMNIST DON FEDER has set his pen to the subject of the seriousness of Chanukah, and God's significance for Jewish identity.

FAMOUS FUNNYMAN Jackie Mason thanks the pope for working towards reconciliation between faiths on this Chanukah, and helping the Jews get comfortable with themselves.

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