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Dearest readers:

Am I crazy?

My friends and relatives tell me "Give it up already. Enough with this 'man with a mission' business. It's time to finally get a job. A NORMAL job!"

Just this week someone told me "What's this begging for reader donations? — it's a disgrace! If people want what you publish, they would pay for it. You wouldn't have to beg!"

So I ask you again. Am I crazy?

I certainly don't think so. So why do I have to ask for help? Calmly (actually, as calmly as I could), I explained that anything worthwhile often takes sacrifice — lots of sacrifice, including crazy hours and a "crazy" person who believes completely in his mission.

My readers, I said, certainly understand that JWR is a shoe-string operation. It survives only because those who gain from it, value it and want to help out. It's just, well, every so often some need a gentle reminder.

It's been a year since I last "reminded" my cherished readers that we — that is, your Staff of One — can't go at it alone. (To those who've already helped out without my nudging, I expressed my sincere gratitude when you expressed your kindness and I thank you again.)

Regular JWR readers don't need me to highlight how this site is constantly improving. In the last year we've added numerous new features and columnists. We took a "good thing" and continue to make it better. And though many have suggested that we start charging like the NYTimes and Wall St. Journal, it's been my belief that doing so would only severely limit the impact we are having as an elegant and eloquent exponent of our common values, faiths and outlook.

And that, after all, is why JWR is here: To make a difference, as cliched as that might sound.

We publish for you and because of your generous tax deductible support — and we need it now.

There's simply no other way of saying it.

I could go on and on. But there is no need. You, more than anybody else, know why JWR needs to be supported. You appreciate it and gain from it. You want to be inspired, entertained and challenged — as hard as it sometimes may be.

Some readers are simply embarrassed to send what they may consider a pittance, but to us is a lifeline.

No expression of your gratitude — I REPEAT, NO EXPRESSION OF YOUR GRATITUDE — will be discounted or disregarded. I'm NOT joking.

What I am, is COUNTING ON YOU — as are all of our future readers who have yet to discover JWR. That is why I am asking for a tax-deductible donation from you today for our educational mission.

You can make a tax deductible charitable contribution through our secure online form or the Keren Yehoshua V'Yisroel foundation at the address below.

Some readers suggested that we create a system where a monthly donation — even as little as $1 — could be automatically deducted from a credit card or checking account. To do so, please click here.

Checks should be sent to the foundation:

Keren Yehoshua V'Yisroel
125 Carey Street
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Tax ID: 22-3209160

PLEASE note on the "memo line" it is for the Internet educational project.

In SINCERE gratitude and friendship,
Binyamin L. Jolkovsky,
Editor in Chief