Machlokes / Controversy
April 16, 1998 / 20 Nissan, 5758

Jonathan Pollard today

Jonathan Pollard: An Open Letter to JCN's Yori Yanover

Editor's note:

Yesterday, April 15, 1998, Yori Yanover, the news editor of the JCN website, directed his readers' attention to a Ha'aretz report on the latest developments in the story of Jonathan Pollard. The Ha'aretz story by David Makovsky reported that

Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard has written a letter to Israeli Cabinet Secretary Danny Naveh demanding explicit recognition that he served "the State of Israel as an agent on a covert mission." Otherwise, he, wrote, the U.S. administration would regard Naveh's recent description of him as an agent sent to spy on the Americans by mistake as "a public relations exercise."
Yanover, formerly a reporter for the Israeli daily Yediot Acharanot, commented: days go by and the e-mail continues to flow in from the captured spy's PR folks, it is becoming clear that Pollard doesn't want only freedom, he wants justice. Or better yet, revenge.

He wants to rub the Mossad's face in it, for all those lost years behind bars, which Pollard spent in isolation, neglected shamefully by the very people who had used him.

That strikes us as being a tad cry-babyish. It's very hard to make countries apologize, Jonathan Pollard, and Israel is notoriously un-repenting on worse crimes than abandoning a two-bit spy in the field.

Jonathan Pollard has chosen to respond to Mr. Yanover here.

Dear Mr. Yanover,

I can well understand why Yediot no longer [uses] you as a reporter. Your intellectual vacuousness and total lack of morality is a very sad reflection on your professional and personal life.

The only thing I have ever asked for is the truth, which must be an alien concept to you. If all I'm doing is sniffling, why don't you exchange places with me? Especially at this time of year, it is sad that you've been unable to purge your soul of chametz. Indeed, at Passover, we're reminded of two aspects of golus: chains that bind the body and others, the soul. On this Passover, it is my wish that Yori Yanover will find the ability to break both chains. He has my sympathy.

Jonathan Pollard


Convicted of spying for Israel, former U.S. Naval Intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard is serving a life sentence.

©1998, Jonathan Pollard